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Exclusive: Submit more content, says Humber Confessions

An insiders look into Humber Confessions.



Eli Ridder | Report

The rapidly growing and recently launched Humber Confessions account on Instagram told The Avro Post on Friday that the page will fail if there is no consistency with submissions.

The account started posting on Nov. 20 and has since posted 59 “confessions”, basically anonymous comments and questions sent to the page via a Google Forms link, and has just short of 200 followers.

Submit Your Confession:

Most post-secondary institutions have “confessions” pages, and the founder of the new Humber edition said she started it because they were “always fascinated by the other confessions accounts that other schools had”.

The page administrator, who runs the profile largely by herself with the help of a few others, said that she “eventually figured that my that my school should join in on the fun”, having been inspired by Guelph’s now-deleted page and the Western edition.

“The goal of this page is to allow people too quietly…confess any feelings about school or life that they may have, and the intent of the page is to discreetly bring people closer together and take comfort in the anonymity of the page,” the account typed to the Post.

“I hope that the people who follow this page just for the fun of it can take pleasure in reading through some of these posts. Whether it’s because they can relate to them or whether it’s because they find humour in them, it’s all in good fun.”

In conversation with The Avro Post, the administrator noted that “a lot of these types [of] accounts tend to get taken down or deleted for whatever reason so I hope that doesn’t end up happening to this one.”

Humber Confessions experienced an increase of some 190 followers in around 17 days, triggering Instagram’s security that made the social network mark the page as a spam account that needed to be monitored.

The University of Guelph-Humber also got a new “confessions” account that made its first publicly available post on Nov. 13, and has since published over 50 comments and gained 258 followers.

Submit a Confession: UoGHConfessions Form

Despite starting around the same time, the Humber administrator confirmed she does not run the Guelph-Humber confessions account as well, which has yet not responded to a message from The Avro Post.

Image of Humber College from The Avro Post.

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