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Petition released to formalize The Avro Post

The Avro Post will seek formalization via support from students.



Staff | The Avro Post

A petition to recognize The Avro Post as an official campus publication was released early on Thursday morning via, for students to mark their support of independent university journalism.

Sign the Petition:

On Wednesday, the University of Guelph-Humber shut down The Avro Post’s application to become an official society for the second time, citing that it did not fit the specifications for societies.

It comes after the Post was granted IGNITE club status earlier this year, but then was dropped a week later because it refused to be censored in its coverage by the student union.

Over the summer, The Avro Post sent a letter to the University of Guelph administration seeking a levy so that it could be funded and the publication’s fees would not come from out-of-pocket.

A levy is the most common way a student publication is funded, which takes a few cents from each student’s tuition fees per school year for expenses.

The Post does not seek formal recognition on campus just for reliable funding, but also so that the administration and student government can be held accountable, the board said on Thursday.

Currently, the IGNITE executives find The Avro Post to be “not sanctioned”, and will not respond to requests for comment, inquiry or interviews, not allowing any accountability from the student press.

The Board of The Avro Post said it will continue to strive for formal recognition on campus for long-term stability in terms of funding and on-campus formalization.

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