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Review: Figuring It Out by Cal Campos

Our review of Cal Campos’ web series for Humber College’s Student Life.



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It’s real, it’s helpful, it’s all about life in Figuring It Out, by Cal Campos.

The web series is produced by Campos and is published in their role as a content producer for Student Life at Humber College. It walks you through their life, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes intense, but all with great, snappy production quality.

Why am I writing “their”? That’s on Campos’ request. Watch episode six of the series on YouTube and you’ll understand. Episode six is the best one, but watch it all, including the introduction.

Campos asks real questions. How do I prepare for midterms? Am I job ready? What’s my identity? Was that offensive? You already know there’s no magical, one-sentence answer for these things, but Campos arguably shows you how to tackle them.

The views on the videos don’t match the quality content, so share it if you think more people should get engaged.

As a side note, a lot of the other content created by the digital production team at Student Life is also engaging.

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