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Humber president confirms framework for student fees opt-in

Humber President Chris Whitaker gives more detail.



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Following the announcement by the Ontario government of optional student fees starting this fall, Humber College President Chris Whitaker told Humber News in an article published Tuesday that there will be a framework in the future that will determine various core services that students will still need to pay for.

“There will also be a group of things which are there on an opt-in basis and then I think the idea is that students will be able to select from a menu what they want to support and what they don’t,” Whitaker told Humber News in an interview.

This is the first statement from the college administration on how the optional student fees will be presented, but it appears there was no further questioning on what exactly the “menu” of options will entail.

Member of Provincial Parliament and second-in-charge to the post-secondary education minister David Piccini told The Avro Post last week that it was largely be up to each institution how the optional student fees are carried out.

IGNITE will be fighting for support from students at Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber this fall as the student union and its clubs are on the line — part of a reform package that will change how post-secondary loans and grants work.

The college president also encouraged students to take time to budget very carefully while financing is available, consider all options and “certainly seek out any advice or assistance from the various supports and services that exist at Humber”.

In response to the Ontario Student Assistance Program changes, which includes a 10 per cut to tuition costs and the slashing of available grants, IGNITE President Monica Khosla gave a strong statement against the reforms.

Image of Christ Whitaker from Humber College.


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