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GryphMail plagued with scam email

GryphMail hit with scam.



Eli Ridder | Report

Potentially hundreds of students, staff and faculty at the University of Guelph and Guelph-Humber’s GryphMail were sent a scam email on Wednesday afternoon from an individual claiming to be from “Travelex Currency Trading Co.” with an employment offer.

The company can be found online via an address listed in a digital form attached to the email and listed on Google Maps as based at Turkey’s Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The emails were sent from other GryphMail addresses, not from an outside source.

An individual working in information and technology told The Avro Post that it appears to be from a localized infected computer.

“Good day! My name Steve Moore,” the email reads, which traces its existence to varying addresses, asking recipients if they would consider “a part-time job opportunity to be our Purchasing Manager in your region?”

“I understand you might have busy schedules with your current job/school activities, but I want to let you know that this service is not time consuming, it will be like you are working from home,” it continues.

Moore, likely a fake name, says he is “currently interested to emply your services with lots of benefit,” promising readers that they “will be entitled to earn $500 weekly”.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 9.44.07 PM

One version of the email sent to at least one student.

The email then prompts recipients, if they are interested to learn more,  to visit a link to a Microsoft Office form.

The email was sent at 3:41 p.m. on Wednesday. Scams sent to GryphMail addresses are not uncommon, university staff told The Avro Post.

The Avro Post has reached out to the University of Guelph and Guelph-Humber, as well as multiple staff members, to find out how many email addresses were affected by the scam.

Company from ‘Turkey’

The form linked in the email sent to those using the University of Guelph’s GryphMail gives a description of the position being offered by the scam and has a signature indicating the “Travelex Currency Trading Co.” company is based in Turkey.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 9.51.05 PM

Form via The Avro Post

The address is listed as “Yeşilköy Mah. AHL Yeni Dış Hatlar Terminal Binası, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey” — an address at Istanbul Ataturk Airport tied to the listed company.

The Avro Post has reached out to the company for comment.

The form attached asks recipients for their full name, specific work history in relation to the offered position, age, primary bank name, length of time with their bank and contact information.

Image from Pexels files.

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