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Elections 2019

IGNITE asks Lakeshore students what they want in candidates

IGNITE interviews students at Lakeshore Campus about the 2019 elections.



Eli Ridder | Report

IGNITE asked students at Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus what changes they would like candidates to address in the upcoming elections — food, events and social media made up the seven answers.

Link: Elections 2019

The question asked to students by IGNITE staff writer Ally Buso — What changes would you like this year’s IGNITE candidates to address in their election campaigns? — were met with a narrow range of responses.

Three responses gave the suggestion of improving the food options on campus, including making generally more “healthier” choices, “more vegetarian” and adding more establishments.

Two students — second year Jose Gomez and third year Nikoo Salehirad — said that they would enjoy more social and cultural events to meet others at.

Digital Communications third year Kimone Smith suggested candidates take over IGNITE social media for a day, saying that “I think a takeover would be good so we can learn more about them.”

Another student complained about her early morning starts at Humber, saying that “in three semesters I have had classes at 8 a.m.”, but added that “I really love this campus” and does not want any other changes.

IGNITE’s student union does not have much say over class start times, according to those knowledgeable with student government affairs, but it is instead an academic decision-making body that would work those changes.

Humber, like colleges across the province, does not have an academics-focused Senate. If Guelph-Humber looked to change the practicalities of class start times, it would largely be a charge led by senators.

The University of Guelph-Humber has four representatives on the main Guelph campus Senate, who are elected on a yearly basis alongside the IGNITE elections, and work on academic issues.

Image of students interviewed by IGNITE — Stephanie Camargo and Venus Saini. ■

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