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Elections 2019

Elections: It all starts on Monday

IGNITE election campaigns and Senate voting starts Monday.



Eli Ridder | Analysis

IGNITE election campaigns and voting for the University of Guelph-Humber’s four representatives on the main Guelph campus Senate both start on Monday — marking it as the launch day for everything student government.

For those interested in learning who is running for IGNITE will have to wait until at least Wednesday during the elections “Mix and Mingle” event to find out who the candidates are, unless the student union release the names beforehand.

As for the Senate, we only have details on four of the seven candidates running, and physical posters were only spotted for three of the them as of Saturday. That means exposure for candidates has been remarkably low ahead of voting and will likely lead to a small turnout.

Students can vote online via an email sent to their GryphMail on Monday. For many students, that will be their first look at the names who could represent them on the Senate, a body of student government that deals exclusively with academic issues.

Link: What Do Senators Do?

The candidates that we do know about haven’t released much in terms of platform items, with the exception of incumbent Genevieve Samlal, who promises to explore options for adding more program-specific facilities and reduce course repetition, among other goals.

All the known Senate candidates have been sent interview questions, and we will hopefully know more about their platforms and what they stand for by Monday morning — which The Avro Post will release as soon as we receive responses.

So, strap in, grab some student-funded IGNITE popcorn and follow the election fun from the comfort of wherever you are. We will have all the latest news, biggest platform items and the breakdown analysis here on The Avro Post Elections page.

Image of ballot from The Avro Post files. ■

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