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Elections 2019

Margarita Bader vows ‘change for the better’

She will be challenging Monica Khosla.



Eli Ridder | Report

Humber College student Margarita Bader launched her campaign on Monday for IGNITE president both digitally and with physical posters on campus, promising “change for the better” and introducing a three-part platform.

Bader, who was elected last year by a huge margin to represent Lakeshore Campus on the Board of Directors, will be challenging incumbent president Monica Khosla, who won by a slim margin a year ago against a former vice president.

It will mark the third consecutive year IGNITE will have a female president and the second with two female candidates. Also like last year, there will be a president candidate from both North Campus and Lakeshore.

Bader’s posters are colourful and bright in a style that is not far off from the marketing of the 1980s — and her website is set to match, where she lists three platform headings: Cheaper course materials, support finding work and “quality events and workshops”.

The campaign website says Bader is here “as a friend, a leader, a fellow student and an individual who doesn’t want to settle for things being the same” — and she urges students to vote “for your future, and for the future of others. “

“I’ve had so many amazing opportunities working and volunteering within various student positions, including within IGNITE as a Board of Director,” she adds.

“I want to take every single one of my experiences and apply the knowledge I’ve learned towards this opportunity.”

The platform

Bader laid out her platform in three segments with descriptions on what she plans to pursue if she is elected as president.

“As students, we spend a ton of money. Purchasing textbooks and course materials that aren’t used to their full potential should not be one of them,” Bader writes under the heading “cheaper course materials”.

“It isn’t okay for faculty to ask us to buy textbooks if we only use them for a few chapters within the legal photocopy limit that they can handout in class,” the Bader adds, saying that student miss out on learning opportunities because of the textbook costs.

“I’m more than willing to take this on as my number one project and explore other ways we can increase student experience in the classroom.”

While marking that IGNITE does “an amazing job employing students on campus”, Bader said that it is “now time” to assist students in finding employment within Humber College departments and externally, especially after the interest-free part of the grace period of student loans was taken away by the Ontario government.

“Every single student in their graduating year deserves the support from their student union in succeeding after college.”

In her third point, Bader wrote she wants to hold professional networking events and out-of-classroom workshops, saying that “they open up opportunities for students to get involved and benefit from both an academic and professional level.”

“This includes networking events that target different career paths and workshops that help build skills which students do not learn in the classroom.”

More details to follow. Image of Margarita Bader from IGNITE.



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