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Elections 2019

Monica Khosla’s new platform items, closed off social media

Monica Khosla has some new platform pieces.



Eli Ridder | Report

Up until campaign posters were spotted on campus, what the public knew about Monica Khosla’s re-election platform for the IGNITE presidency mostly came from a forum where she largely promised to continue her efforts and improve what exists.

Link: Elections 2019

Khosla wants to introduce reusable straws and a reusable container program, while continuing efforts to build “awareness on accessibility”, “inclusive environments” and “have precise [and] prompt communication between IGNITE and students”.

The accessibility awareness item and continued communications were already gleaned from the president forum two weeks ago — but the reusable programs and “inclusive environments” have not been noted previously, according to public records.

Link: President Forum

It is not clear, however, if these are campaign promises as Khosla has consistently stated that she does not run on campaign promises because she does not know if she can keep them. The president has ignored inquires the entire election season.

Khosla’s social media networks listed on the campaign poster are inaccessible by The Avro Post. The Facebook and Twitter accounts found at “@MonicaKhosla” appear to not be her and the Instagram account is locked and she has not accepted a follow request.

Image of Monica Khosla and poster from IGNITE and The Avro Post. ■

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