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OPP deputy fired over case against premier’s friend, he says

Brad Blair said that his firing was backlash.



Eli Ridder | Report

Former deputy commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police Brad Blair said on Tuesday that his firing was part of backlash against his court case that aims to halt the appointment of a friend of the premier as head of the service.

Court documents filed after Blair’s employment was terminated Monday reveal that the letter firing him was inappropriate as the one who gave him the letter — deputy minister Marioi Di Tommaso — is a subject of the court case.

Blair said his termination was a “direct consequence of my seeking remedies, in good faith” — speaking on the court case aimed at forcing the provincial ombudsman Paul Dube to probe the controversial appointment of Ford’s friend Ron Taverner,

The ex-deputy commissioner accuses community safety deputy minister Di Tommaso of a “conflict of interest” for handing over the letter of termination.

The case

The OPP’s Brad Blair was the individual who publicly revealed Premier Ford’s plan to order a customized van and raised the initial concerns over Ford appointing his friend Taverner as chief of the provincial police.

Ford denies breaking any ethics laws in this case, accusing Blair of “sour grapes” due to not getting the top job. Currently, Taverner’s appointment is “on hold”, according pending a probe by the independent integrity commissioner regarding political interference in the hiring.

“It is patently clear to me that this is reprisal and an attempt to muzzle me, and that this reprisal is directly connected,” Blair said, as reported by the Toronto Star.

More details to follow Image of Brad Blair from OPP. ■

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