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Emerge 2019

Emerge panel focused on social media, influencers

Emerge’s one-day annual conference.



Eli Ridder | Report

A panel of media professionals will come together on Friday at 12 p.m. as part of the annual one-day Emerge Conference organized by students at the University of Guelph-Humber and will speak on social media presence, influencers and more.

Called OnBrand, the panel will feature Do The Daniel chief executive Daniel Reyes, lifestyle influencer Dee Thompson, comedian and actor Marlon Palmer, Hashtag Communications’ Rachel David and The Colony Project’s Lianne Pitts.

“OnBrand hopes to educate and inform students about the impact and importance of brand ambassadorship in this new advertising landscape and ever-evolving realm of digital media,” a press release from Emerge said.

“The panelists will speak about what it takes to be or manage a brand ambassador, what goes into compiling a single Instagram post, how to gross a successful online persona, and everything in-between,”

Tickets for the panel can be found on an Eventbrite page.

Emerge is put on by Media Studies students from all four of the program’s inner sections including photography, digital arts, journalism and public relations — coming together to hold a “personalized and professional event”.

Brand ambassadorship can take multiple forms. There is a strong physical sales and marketing field in southern Ontario where many in university and college are hired to sell products and run contests in malls and businesses.

There are also social media influencers, a new phenomenon where those with a large following on Instagram, Twitter and other sites promote products or brands for payment — a market that is growing in Canada and beyond.

Dual documentaries by Netflix and Hulu on the controversial Fyre Festival was one of the first in-depth unveilings of the influencer marketplace, where several celebrities promoted a music event just by a simple orange background, creating international buzz.

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