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‘We stand united’: Humber president marks racism elimination day



Eli Ridder | Report

Humber College President Chris Whitaker on Thursday marked International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with a statement promoting equity as part of the college’s strategic plan and speaking on the New Zealand shootings, saying that “we are strong when we stand united”.

In the post of his President’s Corner blog, Whitaker said equity is “more than just a word”, writing that “it is one of the values we hold and that we do our best each day on campus to reflect in our choices and actions.”

“Most recently, we articulated equity in our new strategic plan alongside four out values: courage, innovation, health and wellbeing and sustainability,” Whitaker continued, saying the values translate into politics, practices and activities for safety on campus.

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Chris’s Corner / The Avro Post Mar. 21, 2019

He acknowledged that “more work needs to be done to address racism — whether it be subtle, overt or systemic” and invited students, faculty and staff to join him at noon in the North Campus Student Centre to hold a moment of silence for the New Zealand mass shooting.

“The Christchurch shooting is a tragic reminder that all too often fear, hatred and a lack of understanding of those who are different from ourselves can manifest anywhere, and in the most extreme of ways.”

In the wake of the shootings at two mosques that resulted in the deaths of at least 50 people, Whitaker said that, more than ever, “we need to speak out against discrimination and racism in all its forms, including Islamophobia.”

“We need to be allies to those who experience harassment and discrimination,” he went on, emphasizing that people who have lived experience with racism need to be listened to — “we need to offer support and act to change things for the better”.

“The only way forward is together. We are strong when we stand united. We are Humber.”

Image of Chris Whitaker from Humber College and The Avro Post. ■

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