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Apple TV, News and more announced from California

Apple is adding new products.



Eli Ridder | Report

From the Steve Jobs Theatre in California, Apple announced their new TV+ streaming service, a bundling news app and more.

Image of Apple TV from Apple. ■

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Smartphones and students: What to buy?



On Sept. 10, Apple held their annual keynote event which showcased their upcoming devices and services.

Just as the sun rises and sets, Apple steps into the spotlight every September to unveil their new and shiny technology ranging from the newest iPhones to iPads to Macbooks to Watches.

For technology lovers, it’s like an early Christmas, but for most, it’s a question of “how much will this cost me?”

It’s no secret that while we would love to have the newest and prettiest devices, companies like Apple don’t exactly offer new phones for friendly prices. If you’re looking for a new phone for the school year, or in general, let’s take a look at what the market has to offer!


We may as well begin with the company making news right now. The iPhone 11 was just announced and it was met with lukewarm responses. To compare, I’m going to look at the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone Xs Max. Both phones have a 6.5″ display screen but the 11 Pro Max has a super retina XDR display as opposed to the super retina HD display on the Xs Max. The Xs Max has a 12MP Wide and Telephoto Lens, however the 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto Lens with a night mode on the 11 Pro Max.

If you’re looking to record video, the Xs Max has a 7MP TrueDepth camera which can record 1080p HD video up to 60fps while the 11 Pro Max as a 12MP TrueDepth camera with 4K video recording up to 60fps. The Xs Max’s battery lasts 1.5hrs longer than the iPhone X and the 11 Pro Max lasts 5hrs longer than the Xs Max.

If you’re the type to drop your phone in water (which I don’t recommend regardless of build) the Xs Max is water-resistant to a depth of 2 metres for up to 30min and the 11 Pro Max is water-resistant to a depth of 4 meters for the same length of time.

Truth be told, unless you are planning to invest heavily in your career as a social media icon on Instagram and need the highest end camera, the iPhone X and Xs models offer better bang for your buck. I myself just bought an Xs Max back at the beginning of Aug. and it has served every purpose thus far.

If the above text is a bit too much jargon for you, you can follow this link and scroll down to select and compare iPhone models for yourself to better see what version offers what. You can preorder an 11 Pro Max from Apple’s main site for $1,499.99 (which will be unlocked and not restricted to a carrier)

If you’re not an Apple fan, let’s take a look at some other options that won’t break the bank.


The Huawei P30 runs on a 2.6GHz Octa-Core processing chip and comes with 6GB of built-in RAM plus 128gb for data storage.

The front camera has 32MP and on the rear is a 40MP camera with features like optical zoom, auto flash, face detection and touch to focus.

Of course the big concern with Huawei is the fact that the phones have been known to send user information to the Chinese Government, but how much you buy into that and how much that bothers you will vary from person to person.

The P30 runs for a retail price of $940 without a contract.


Samsung is the leading smartphone company (as far as units produced and sold worldwide) and that’s because their products are more affordable. The latest device is the Samsung Galaxy A70.

The phone comes equipped with a 2.7GHz Octa-Core processor, 6.7″ super AMOLED display, 32.0MP camera equipped with UHD 4K video recording at 30fps. The phone itself will cost $629.99 which is a massive step down from Apple and Huawei’s asking price.

Now for those of you who are, in fact, looking for something more fancy and can afford to shell out the extra cash – Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is expected to launch in February 2020. It’s a wide phone that will have a folding screen to become more compact. It features a 7.3″ QXGA+ dynamic AMOLED display and a 16MP ultra wide angle rear camera. The phone itself comes at no easy price with a tag of $1,980.00.

So – what do I buy?

In the end, it can’t hurt to look at Samsung or older models of Apple iPhones such as the X, Xs Max; or even 8 and 8 plus. Gone are the days where Apple’s latest devices are the must-have mobile devices as soon as preorders go live on the website. The iPhones are far from terrible smartphones, despite the constant internet bickering between fanbases, but overpriced is the correct term in any case.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly device, of the 3 listed companies and devices above, Samsung is the best option which is a win-win for you, the buyer – it’s the cheapest option and eco-friendly.

In the end – choose the device that’s best for you. Nobody knows what you need better than you do! ■

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This fall, students may break up with Netflix

Disney Plus may offer an alternative.



File photo via PXhere on Aug. 19, 2019.

While “Netflix and chill” has become a common term, it may only be a verb for some students come November with the launch of competitor Disney Plus, which will be priced at only $8.99.

The media company announced on Monday that its anticipated streaming service would launch on Nov. 12 alongside the United States and the Netherlands, with other countries to join in down the road.

Disney Plus will be accessible via Apple, Google’s products, Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, and Roku’s TV box. It will also be available to bundle with Disney-owned ESPN Plus and Hulu for under $20.

Though Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access and other streaming platforms have existed as competitors for several years, there has not been one service that dramatically shifted audiences away from Netflix.

Disney Plus, however, will have Star Wars, Marvel, fairytale animated classics and everything that Disney acquired when it bought out 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets earlier this year, bringing properties such as Deadpool and the Simpsons under one roof.

Disney’s introductory video.

Disney on Monday released a video on social media that gave a highlight reel of the properties that would be included come November. The company also became active on social media for the first time.

Netflix’s most popular standard plan, one level up from the starter plan that costs $9.99, is priced at $13.99, putting it $5 above the starting plan for Disney Plus. The plans are differentiated by the number of screens one account can play on at one time.

However, the competitive edge does not stop there. The ESPN Plus and Hulu bundle, which is priced at $13.99 in the United States, will offer live programming all in one place at a low cost in comparison to competitors.

Where Disney Plus, will lack, according to chief executive Bob Iger in 2017, will be content. Netflix produces its own shows and movies alongside the blockbusters it brings onto its service, and Disney will take some time to catch up to Netflix and Amazon Prime in this respect.

In the end, students may have to make a choice between the established and familiar Netflix or make the jump to the new but blockbuster-stocked Disney Plus. Only time will tell. ■

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EMERGE’s On Brand event a success

EMERGE’s “On Brand” event took place on Friday, which focused on social media influecing and brand ambassadorship, featuring a panel of social media influencers.




Casiah Cagan | Campus

EMERGE’s panelist and mix & mingle event On Brand, which focused on social media influencing and brand ambassadorship, took place on Friday.

EMERGE is run by the University of Guelph-Humber’s fourth year Media Studies students, with this year’s projects including web and print magazines, multimedia projects, documentaries, and the anticipated EMERGE Media Awards, which will celebrate and recognize student works and projects across Canada.

“I feel like EMERGE is a good introduction to the industry, especially since we’re in Media, you’re gonna beat things like this,” explained On Brand host and team member Trésor Gray. “So, it’s good to realize how efficient networking is and all things that could come from it.”

On Brand was just one of the many events planned to precede the spring award ceremony.

“I have always been very interested in social media, and that was kind of one of the things I was hoping to learn about in this program, but I found out that we did not have a dedicated social media course,” explained Adriana Gibowic, team lead of On Brand, on how she came up with the event. “I thought that with EMERGE, creating these events would be the perfect opportunity to combine social media with our program and have people who are interested to learn more come out, come to the panel, and learn firsthand from influencers.”

“I have a social media class, and we have a project where have to create our own blog and use it to build and promote our brand on two different social medias,” said Carissa Selbie, a Fashion Arts and Business student at Humber on why she decided to attend On Brand. “I found this event on EMERGE’s Instagram and thought ‘This goes really well with my project; maybe I can learn a little bit from it.'”

On Brand began with a panelist discussion, hosted by students Trésor Gray and Gemma Mastroianni, and featured media influencers Daniel Reyes, Marlon Palmer, Dee Thompson, Rachel David, and Lianna Pitts, who shared their stories, advice, and opinions on what lead them to where they are today. A mix & mingle followed, where attendees could meet and speak with the influencers and ask more questions.

“I hope people left with more insight on the behind-the-scenes,” explained Marlon Palmer on what he hoped people learned from the panel. “It’s easy to all the fun stuff at the forefront, so I hope they took away that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. Just knowing that there’s a duality to it and not just one side.”

There were many people in attendance who seemed to enjoy the fun and informative event.

“I loved how [the panelists] were very raw and authentic; you could really scense their sincerity in their different stories and advice,” said Natalie Dixon, one of the team leads for the EMERGE Media Awards next month.

As for a crucial piece of advice she wanted attendees to take away from On Brand, Rachel David touched on the importance of being confident and unique.

“I want others to not be afraid to have an opinion, to be able to speak and tell your truth in a polite and concise way, and not feeling like you can’t speak up,” she said. “In order to actually change the world and make it a more positive place we can’t just go along with everything that we’re being fed. I believe in people being their own individuals…with everyone being different, the world’s a better place.”

EMERGE’s next event is Yoga & Paws for a Cause, which will take place on March 31 at Humber Lakeshore.

Image from The Avro Post. ■

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