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Media students host ‘Yoga and Paws for a Cause’



Melissa Lopez-Martinez | Report

Fourth year media students hosted this doggy yoga event in partnership with the Toronto Humane Society to encourages others to adopt, not shop.

As part of the EMERGE events that fourth year media students create, public relations lead Jaime-Lynn Giove and Jaymi Ling say the main goal for the event was to promote healthy lifestyles as well as adopting at animal shelters.

“We are trying to enforce yoga and adopting not shopping. We just want to encourage people to go to the humane society and possibly adopt,” said Giove.

The tickets for the event costed $20 and all the profits made will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society (THS).

Jennifer Jones from the THS says they are very appreciative for the partnership, given that the THS is only funded by donations. Jones also said yoga and dogs has become popular over the years and the shelter itself have their own yoga sessions.

“Yoga has become very popular with animals we actually offer rescue yoga at our shelter every month, but we’ve been also getting a lot of yoga studios that want to participate with us. They’re great partnerships and they help animals at our shelter,” said Jones.

As for the yoga part of the event, yoga instructor Nicole Vossallo said she had never taught a public class before, let alone one with dogs.

“I found the dogs great to have, I liked having their energy in the room,” said Vossallo.

For anyone interested in starting to practice yoga, Vossallo recommends beginners taking Yin yoga, which is a slower paced class and to not to feel intimated by other ‘yogis.’

“Try a yin or half a class that involves more stretching and being on the mat so you don’t feel intimidated by all the other yogis. Just to get an understanding of your body first before you go into some maybe deeper, faster movements.”

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