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‘We are not going anywhere,’ Eyeopener says

Editor-in-Chief Jacob Dubé makes his case for The Eyeopener.



Eli Ridder | Report

In an editorial written by its editor-in-chief, Ryerson University’s independent student newspaper, The Eyeopener, spoke out in defiance of the Student Choice Initiative, SCI, saying that “we are not going anywhere”.

The SCI allows students to opt-out of certain ancillary fees which are used to fund student unions, on-campus groups and services. Most student publications are funded through these fees and could experience a significant drop in financial support.

We Are Not Going Anywhere: Eyeopener

While acknowledging that his newspaper will “get a lot smaller”, will not be able to afford as many resources and that “everything will be harder”, Jacob Dubé wrote on Thursday that “The Eyeopener isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

“Not because we’ll still have savings, or some secret last-minute solution that will solve this impossible problem. It’s because The Eye is filled with people who care a whole f*cking lot.”

Dubé reflected on his five years at the school, noting that this week is his last at The Eyeopener, saying that he has been able to “work with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met”.

“Together we’ve been able to listen to the Ryerson community and tell stories that have affected real change on campus,” he continued. His newspaper recently unveiled that executives in the university’s student union misspent some $250,000.

He noted other valuable stories reported on by The Eyeopener, including the changes to student financial life by the Ontario government and an investigative story revealing bedbugs on campus.

“These stories are made by editors and volunteers crazy enough to commit themselves to this beautiful mess of a paper we cobble together every week,” Dubé wrote.

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