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Details scarce on how college’s financial value to be weighed: Humber News

Humber College does not yet know how the performance-based funding will impact the bottom line.



Eli Ridder | Report

Though the details are currently scarce surrounding the future financing of post-secondary instituitions including Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber, the college may aim to align the provincial government’s new performance measures with its Strategic Plan, a spokesperson told Humber News in a report on Monday.

A provincial budget was released on April 11 that included legislation to quantify 60 per cent of a university or college to “performance outcomes” instead of the previously Liberal-mandated 1.2 per cent, dropping the 38 metrics by which institutions are judged on to 10.

The campus administrations themselves will individually assist the government determine on how they are measured, with Humber College spokesman Andrew Leopold telling Humber News that “we’re going to have to work with the ministry to identify what our areas might be”.

Leopold was referencing the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities led by Progressive Conservative parliamentarian Merrilee Fullerton.

During Humber’s process specifically, Leopold told Humber News that the college will look to align its performance measures with the “work that we’re already doing moving forward”, and learn from the Ontario government what “they’re looking for from the colleges”.

Leopold said Humber may want to use performance metrics that align with its Strategic Plan, including things like providing accessible education and having a healthy, inclusive campus. But it is too soon to know exactly how the college will be measured.

This is not the only file where the education ministry is leaving stakeholders in the dark about major changes to the system. For institutions, student unions and campus publications, the Student Choice Initiative has yet to be fully understood.

IGNITE’s Board of Directors deferred their annual budget to be essentially scrapped and re-proposed over the summer because of a lack of information outlining what funding is compulsory after introducing optional student fees earlier this year coming into play in September.

Leopold’s statement to Humber News that it is essentially too soon to know the performance-based funding measures would work for the college is the first time that the administration has detailed their response to how it would approach the budget.

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