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Albertans mark ballots after fierce campaign

The Alberta 2019 election comes to an end on Tuesday.



Eli Ridder | Report

Residents across Alberta head to election polls on Tuesday to determine the future of the province after a fierce and divisive campaign that will either re-elect the New Democratic Party government or hand control over to the United Conservative Party.

In 2015, Rachel Notley and the New Democrats pushed out the old Progressive Conservatives after 44 years of continuous rule but if Jason Kenney’s UCP takes a win, it would mark a victorious conclusion to his 36-month effort to unite the right.

Polls show that the United Conservatives have led the NDP for the length of the campaign, however, recent allegations surrounding the UCP leadership campaign in 2017 against Kenney have rocked the party, with accusations detailing that fraudulent emails were used to support the leader.

Turnout at last week’s advance polls set new records with some 696,000 ballots cast over five days, three times the amount during the last election, but 223,000 of the votes were submitted by those voting outside their electoral districts, thus, they will not be counted by Wednesday.

Polls close at 8 p.m. MT on Tuesday.

Image of Jason Kenney, Rachel Notley from Susan on the Soapbox.


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