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Final Board of Directors meeting on Thursday

The last task by the current term of IGNITE.



Eli Ridder | Report

In what will mark the final task of the current term of elected representatives, IGNITE’s Board of Directors will meet on Thursday night at Humber College’s North Campus where they are expected to further determine the next steps for the student union’s financial future.

The Avro Post reached out to Margarita Bader, a director and former presidential candidate that has consistently responded to requests for comment, who said on Wednesday that Board Chair Shayan Shakil is taking the lead and that she had not received meeting notes.

“I think they’re going to finalize and approve the mandatory and optional fees,” Bader told The Avro Post on Thursday. By the end of the meeting, it is likely the framework for tuition and fee payments this fall be public.

The Board of Directors, as with their counterparts across the province, are working with the specifications from the province to determine how to carry out the Student Choice Initiative, introduced earlier this year by the Progressive Conservative Ontario government.

The SCI brings optional student fees into play this fall, allowing students to opt-out of specific categories that have yet to be specifically determined — but has been narrowed down over time, most recently on April 1 when the government introduced specifications for universities and colleges.

Image of IGNITE from The Avro Post.

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