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PCs projected as minority government in P.E.I.

A close election result was expected.



Eli Ridder | Report

The Progressive Conservative Party is expected to form a minority government in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, local and national media reported on Tuesday night after a close race in the polls between the PCs and the Green Party.

Rookie leader Dennis King and his PC Party won with a very narrow margin in an election pollsters predicted would just barely go to the Greens in what would have been a historic win, and the Tories will now join their recently elected counterparts in Alberta and Ontario in provincial governance.

The province has historically flipped back-and-forth between Liberal and PC governments but this year marked the first time a third party had a chance at governing.

The Tory win, though considered by analysts as “somewhat unexpected”, it followed a pattern of over 50 years where the Liberals would hold power for three years and than the PCs would have the government for three, and back-and-forth it would go without a third party.

This year was different. The Green Party was predicted to not only be a strong third party challenger but to win, however, it appears they will now form the Official Opposition in the eastern province. Either way, it is a hard blow to the Liberals, who have now lost yet another province to conservatives.

Image of leaders from CBC News and The Guardian P.E.I. ■

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