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Factcheck: ‘Your guide to everything IGNITE’

It’s 100 per correct, with some clarification issues.



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Editor’s Note: Welcome to a new series by The Avro Post: A factcheck will be carried out anytime there is a significant claim by an IGNITE or administration official or an important post from the student union. It’s not a regular post from us, and will look a little different from other articles.

IGNITE, the student union representing those at Humber College campuses and the University of Guelph-Humber, released a post on Wednesday morning that acts as a guide to everything they offer and run.

Though the Student Choice Initiative will allow students to, for the first time, opt-out of funding parts of the student union, it was not mentioned in this website post. However, the post is likely part of their effort to promote opting in.

The article itself as a whole is 100 per cent accurate, with the exception of the section titled “fight for your future”, where there could be more clarification on what exactly the student union has been up to.

The claims written there that they are “pushing back on recent cuts to OSAP”, making the campus more accessible and “representing the student body at important meetings”. The executive of 2019-2020 and the newly elected student government have been working towards both.

Earlier this year, IGNITE’s President Monica Khosla, who was re-elected in March, dropped off hundreds of postcards at Queen’s Park signed by students opposed to the optional student fees and grant cuts — part of a reform package introduced by the province in January.

Some students believed that delivering postcards to Queen’s Park was not enough. Others point to the postcards, as well as their efforts to build awareness and support rallies protesting the education cuts as a student union as sufficient effort.

The Ontario division of the Canadian Federation of Students, a national student organization, has lobbied the provincial government and even taken it to court.

There is definitely some division among students over how IGNITE has conducted itself in advocating against the changes as a Toronto-based student union. The Post has reached out to Khosla to request more information regarding further efforts.

Executive Director Ercolé told The Avro Post in a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday that right now IGNITE is focused on the 30,000-plus students coming to campus this September and not on political lobbying. Also, the provincial government is out of parliament session until late in October.


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