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In the aftermath of U.S. shootings: These are Humber’s procedures

What happens if there is an emergency on campus?



At least 29 people were killed in 24 hours in two separate mass shootings in the United States this weekend, and, in reflection of this, this is a refresher on Humber College’s emergency procedures.

The Department of Public Safety has an Emergency Response Team in place that meets on at least an annual basis and is made up of willing volunteers.

The emergency management page says that the ERT’s primary mission is to “prepare for the arrival of Toronto Fire Services” via several tasks. The emergency phone number is 416-675-6622 ext. 4000.

When there is an emergency on campus, ERT works to help evacuate everyone inside and take special care to check washrooms and other areas where people may be left behind.

They also “make note” of anyone that refuses to depart for safety or those that need special evacuation assistance. ERT members also help those that need assistance or are otherwise hampered.

After clearing their assigned area during an evacuation, ERT volunteers work with formal emergency services and communicate anyone left inside the premises.

Beyond fire, ERT also reviews procedures for lockdowns, bomb threats, severe weather closures and more, according to the department.

The public safety department also provides security bulletins online that warn of upcoming drills, nearby robberies or police activity.

North Campus, including the University of Guelph-Humber, will be carrying out annual emergency lockdown drills on Sept. 17. Lakeshore’s drills will take place the day after and Carrier and Orangeville will be later in the week.

Public Safety also provides a list of resources including mental health help lines and accessible learning services. ■

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