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Society executive slots open at Guelph-Humber

There are 15 positions.



File photo by The Avro Post.

Fifteen of the University of Guelph-Humber’s academically-tied Societies have open volunteer positions on their executive teams ahead of the fall semester, an official posting on GH Works revealed on Friday.

Though there are 19 Societies listed on the Guelph-Humber website, it appears nearly a quarter of them already have positions filled. Societies are separate from the clubs administered by IGNITE and are only at the university.

Some of the openings include positions in the Early Childhood Studies Society, the Business Council, Guelph-Humber Advertising and Marketing Association and the rookie Pre-Medical Society, created in late 2018.

All of the open slots can be viewed on the GH Works 9219 job page.

Societies often go through ebbs and flows in their direction, mandate and membership, such as the Guelph-Humber Media Society, known simply as GuHu, which has had a turbulent history of its own.

Societies are often cited as a great way to get involved on campus with peers that have similar career interests or are in the same program.

They are not without controversy, however. Societies such as Pre-Medical, created as a resource community for students planning to take the MCAT and pursue healthcare post-graduate studies, struggled to get approved last year.

The Avro Post in 2017 and in 2018 attempted to start the process of becoming a full-status society, and had the backing of a professor, but was unable to due to not meeting requirements. ■

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