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Humber professor details impact of father’s dementia

Blake Lambert publishes an opinion piece.



Blake Lambert, a Humber College professor and sometimes CBC presenter, detailed what he called a “permanent estrangement” between his son and his father, who has a rare form of dementia, in an opinion piece that ran in the print edition of the Globe and Mail on Saturday.

The piece, also posted online earlier this week, outlines his struggle with the reality that his son Caleb Lambert will never know the senior Robert Lambert due to a frontotemporal dementia that the professor writes strips him of his “personality and essence”.

Professor Lambert laments that his father will never have a conversation with his son, writing that “Robert and Caleb know nothing about each other”, but that “the direct consequence of my father’s dementia is that I constantly strive for greater connection with Caleb.”

Lambert has been working on campus since 2010, according to his LinkedIn page, teaching social sciences and journalism-related courses. He is also a sometimes producer for CBC Radio. ■

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