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Exclusive: IGNITE meets UTSU to talk SCI, considers food truck

Two student unions came together on Wednesday.



File photo.

IGNITE on Wednesday welcomed a delegation to Humber College from the University of Toronto Students’ Union to discuss critical programming in the midst of the Student Choice Initiative and together considered the creation of a “mobile food truck”, according to an official that was present.

The UTSU delegation was led by Vice President of University Affairs Avani Singh, who told The Avro Post that they headed to Humber’s North Campus to learn more about IGNITE initiatives, including the sleep lounges and the pay-what-you-can soup bar.

“We are inspired by how well they are run and, given the SCI’s failure to acknowledge food security and student experience as being essential, it’s important that we look for alternative avenues of improving student services on campus,” Singh said.

The SCI, officially called the Student Choice Initiative, was mandated by the Ontario Progressive Conservative government in January and allows students as of this fall to opt-out of funding certain aspects of student unions, campus publications and other organizations.

The move was part of a financial reform package that saw domestic tuition fees cut by 10 per cent, funding to post-secondary institutions slashed and student grants through the Ontario Student Assistance Program significantly reduced.

Singh added that “we are talking about a potential collaboration that would see the creation of a mobile food truck”, however, when pressed for more details, the vice president said that that the details are still being worked out but they hope it will be a collaboration between Toronto schools.

The Avro Post reached out to IGNITE, the student union that represents those enrolled at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber, for details but there has not been a response.

The soup bar is an initiative that was launched at the beginning of the 2018 fall semester in the then-LinX Lounge, now known the Linx Café. Various sources speaking on background have told The Post that it was in planning stages before the IGNITE elections that year, confirmed in February by the Et Cetera.

The vice president elected that year, Jeremy Afonso, ran on a platform that primarily highlighted bringing back an on-campus bar to the LinX Lounge, but that was derailed by the soup bar, which helps hundreds of students a year and was highlighted by the CBC.

The meeting between the two student unions comes after IGNITE was criticized by some students in the spring for their apparent inaction and lack of co-operation while counterparts were working together to fight the optional student fees and financial cuts at Queen’s Park.

Most notably, the Canadian Federation of Students, in conjunction with the York Federation of Students, have worked to fight the legitimacy of the Student Choice Initiative in court by claiming that the province does not have the authority to impose policy on the relationship between institutions and student unions. ■

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Ambulance on campus for the 3rd time in 7 days

Police and ambulance services



Cruisers in front of the LRC.

An ambulance and three Toronto Police vehicles were on campus on Wednesday afternoon for around one hour, marking at least the third time within seven days that emergency services have been spotted on campus.

It did not appear the ambulance was used during the hour or longer that it was parked in front of the Learning Resource Commons at the front of North Campus.

Two cruisers were parked in front, a police SUV and multiple campus security vehicles were in and out of the area.

The ambulance and police SUV departed campus at 3:40 p.m. while the first cruiser departed soon after. The final cruiser departed after 4 p.m. and no details were immediately available.

An ambulance was in front of the Learning Resource Commons a week ago as a male patient was carried out on a stretcher. On Sunday night, an ambulance was spotted in front of Residence T Building.

The Avro Post has reached out for details from Humber College. ■

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IGNITE Board to meet again in a hidden location

The student union has hidden exact locations since September.



File photo via Pexels.

IGNITE’s Board of Directors, made up of elected student representatives, will be meeting on Wednesday evening at the University of Guelph-Humber, according to a schedule posted earlier this year by the student union, but no exact location or time has been made public.

The Board meeting locations were removed by the student union in September after paid staff blocked a reporter from The Avro Post from entering that month’s gathering of directors, a meeting that later turned out to be of major significance.

The Avro Post attempted to find the meeting in October but was unsuccessful. According to the IGNITE bylaws, the directors have to hold a majority vote to kick a student from the meeting, including student journalists. They are also required to post the meetings publicly.

However, IGNITE has rules currently on its Governance webpage that instruct students, who are classified as members of the union, to reach out to the executive director to obtain access to the meetings, bending the rules of their own bylaws.

If the meeting is indeed held in the University of Guelph-Humber, the typical location for the Board to gather is the conference room found by the entrance doors to the university in the Atrium. ■

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‘This is Garbage’ exhibit launches Thursday

It will be revealed in Lakeshore Campus.



Image via Humber Today.

Garbage will be at the centre of the “This is Garbage” exhibit reveal at Humber College Lakeshore Campus on Thursday.

Sanda Van Ruymbeke will speak on critical analysis and explore the perception and constructs related to discarding material the way society does.

Ruymbeke will look at what contribution can one’s artistic practice make to challenge cultural perceptions and re-imagine the possibilities and value of garbage.

Sandra and Constant Van Ruymeke collaborated for the exhibit, which will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre.


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