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Humber, IGNITE welcome student from Turkey

Fadi is greeted.



File photo by The Avro Post.

Humber College, along with IGNITE, welcomed a new student from the Turkish city of Istanbul on Wednesday morning to Canada, according to posts on social media.

They only mention the international student by his first name, Fadi, but IGNITE shared a photo of the executives and the new student from what appears to be an airport.

Image captured from IGNITE’s Instagram Story.

Humber College, in line with most Ontario colleges, charges nearly double the cost for international students in comparison to those enrolled domestically.

Tuition for a Canadian resident is usually between $1,961 and $12,810 and for an international student costs vary from $2,821 – $22,236, as of July 2018, according to the School Finder tool. ■

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