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GuHu tries another refresh

A society changing things up.



File photo.

The University of Guelph-Humber’s Media Society, known as GuHu, has ramped up a sort of rebrand in the last week ahead of the September start of the fall semester.

GuHu is known by its events and television programming, including shows with special guests. One area where it promises to deliver on this year, according to the posts, is the journalism side of the society.

The journalism division of GuHu formally launched in February 2017 under the leadership of then-third year and future Emerge Magazine editor-in-chief Warren Schlote, reported the Radix.

That fall, as the college strike impacted Guelph-Humber, the founder of The Post inquired as to whether GuHu would start reporting online and if they would accept members to write for the society.

At the time, there was indications that there would be reporting opportunity for outside the classroom and not tied to academics, but none arose.

Without any other options, The Avro Post was launched.

However, this year, it appears as though there could be a journalism wing that comes back into play and there is also a new branding theme that appears to have come about on GuHu’s social media.

One graphic depicts the different areas that GuHu participates in and one of them listed is “journalism” with a newspaper icon above it. Another graphic says that, with GuHu, students can “bring your stories to life” and “practice media industry skills”.

Currently, the society’s website is in a “maintenance mode”, a status that it has carried for a significant part of August. It is not made clear why but asks visitors to return “in a few days”.

Screen capture of GuHu website on Aug. 25, 2019.

Only time will tell if GuHu will offer digital campus journalism in text form beyond the broadcasting work that they have carried out in previous years. The Post has reached out for comment. ■

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Humber monitoring coronavirus outbreak

There are no special actions at this time.



File photo.

Humber College said it is monitoring the novel coronavirus outbreak and its “potential impact on the institution” in a statement posted online last week and updated on Monday.

Toronto Public Health told the college that “there are no particular actions required” at this time.

A special group tasked with keeping the campus community informed on the latest precautions for the virus has been established, made up of stakeholders from various departments and the University of Guelph-Humber.

Humber points students, staff and faculty to the Ontario Ministry of Health website’s dedicated webpage for updates.

The college’s announcement also asked that those on campus “wash their hands as frequently as possible” due to it being the winter flu season.

As of Tuesday morning in Ontario, there is one confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, one “presumptive” case and 11 cases under investigation. ■

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Nominations open for 2020 IGNITE elections

Nomination packages are due by Feb. 14.



File photo.

IGNITE on Tuesday posted details and nomination packages for its 2020 elections on social media, setting up its first ever election without executive positions.

There are 10 positions open for students to run for, all on the Board of Directors.

There are four positions open at North Campus, three seats at Lakeshore, two open at Guelph-Humber and a sole position available at Orangeville.

All nomination packages are due by Feb. 14 and can be filled out on the elections webpage. ■

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Bell Let’s Talk Day coming to Humber

Bell let’s talk day will be coming to Humber on Jan. 29.



File photo of Humber College

Bell will be bringing their yearly Let’s Talk event to Humber College this week.

Let’s Talk Day is a national day of raising awareness about mental health and furthering the conversation of acceptance, support and to decrease stigma.

The day also encourages the use of various platforms including social media to engage individuals. Bell also donates money to mental health funds based on messages sent throughout the day on their cellular network and social media posts.

Bell will be hosting two events at both Humber North and Lakeshore Campuses on Jan. 29.

The first event will be held at North in the LRC, starting at 10 a.m. and finishing at 12 p.m. The second event will be held at Lakeshore in A170 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is open to both Humber and Guelph-Humber student

Students who wish to contribute to the cause can make a tweet, a social media video, use Bell’s Facebook frame or Snapchat filter and also use the hashtag #BellLet’sTalk on social media. ■

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