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Guelph-Humber’s base scholarship changes course load rules

Those taking a reduced course load are eligible.



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The University of Guelph-Humber announced on Monday that it would drop the requirements for its baseline scholarship, allowing those that are enrolled in 80 per cent full time studies as well as those enrolled at 100 per cent to be eligible.

All those enrolling via Canadian high schools are automatically considered for the scholarship, which is based on grade percentages. Its highest tier grants $5,000 to those with a 90 per cent average or above.

The academic scholarship is renewable for the following three years at lower dollar amounts and less tiers. The change allows those that are only taking two full credits a semester to access the scholarship, or four classes.

The announcement was made via email to students on Monday afternoon. It specified that the changes will not be applied retroactively to previous years.

The email did not specify why the change was made but it comes as the provincial government cuts tuition costs by 10 per cent and also cuts many of the grants and loans offered via student loans from the Ontario Student Assistance Program. ■

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