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IGNITE offers $1K a month in contest, comes under fire

Just fill out a short survey.



File photo of IGNITE.

IGNITE announced on Tuesday that it is giving away $1,000 every month in a repeating contest this academic year, a move that triggered both support from students and some backlash.

To enter, students are instructed to fill out a survey that asks a few straightforward questions about what one wants from the Humber experience. The contest will occur nine times over the year.

The eleventh question asks how students get to school and asks if the survey taker would like a Presto machine on campus. Presto is the card service used for transit in Toronto and area. It has been requested several times.

A new logo for IGNITE?

Additionally, the survey asks if students like what could be a new brand concept for the student union.

‘I opted out’

Several students responded to IGNITE’s post on Instagram about the contest, stating they find the giveaways a waste of money. In total, $9,000 will be awarded over the course of the academic year, says IGNITE.

“That money could be directed towards more important things, like more bursary options for students who can’t afford education,” Lazarus Mkrtchyan, adding that he believes the “giveaways are useless”.

An apparent student, Andreea Sindiescu, responded, saying that the money still goes to “a deserving student” as everyone enrolled has their own struggles whether it be tuition, food or rent.

Mkrtchyan, a fourth year at Humber College, replied that some students need it more than others, and, unlike a bursary that sets out qualifications and has an application process, a straight contest awards without consideration.

“Bursaries have a screening process and create equity for those who need it,” he wrote, explaining that “giveaways are random and someone who is not in a need has the same chance of winning as the others.”

Sindiescu responded, saying she agreed that bursaries were important but that “someone is always going to need money more than another”, saying it is “still great of [IGNITE] to do this”.

“You do make a good point though,” she added.

Another apparent student, Stuart O’Brien, said that “I understand you want people to fill out your survey but I don’t think holding a lottery giving away students funded [IGNITE] money is a great idea.”

“Definitely better places for $10,000+ to be spent,” O’Brien continued.

Mkrtchyan confirmed in response to O’Brien’s comment that he decided to opt-out of pay the $52.20 in service fees that keep some IGNITE services such as events, clubs and elections running.

“I don’t want to support this,” the bachelor of commerce marketing student concluded. ■

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