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Board of Directors holding 1st meeting this week

It might not be very significant.



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A new academic year also brings the start of regular monthly meetings for the IGNITE Board of Directors, a decision-making body that is charged largely with the financial matters of the student union.

It is not yet known what is on the agenda for Wednesday, but likely talks will focus on the upcoming year, Frosh and potentially on the impact of the Student Choice Initiative.

The meeting comes before the final fees are due on Sept. 16, thus, the Board will be no closer to knowing the financial result of the optional student fees than earlier this year as they prepared cautiously for this fall.

This could make the meeting remarkably normal, setting it up so that the next meeting in October is more anticipated gathering. The Oct. 9 meeting is just seven days before the Special Meeting of the Members.

The members’ meeting usually lays the groundwork for the year to come and gives students a chance to hear from and question their four executives in a press conference-type setting.

Sources have indicated that it is during the special meeting on Oct. 16 that President Monica Khosla and her vice presidents will reveal how many students chose to opt out of the items listed in the student fees.

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