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Director, candidate went to meeting last year that would now be impossible

Two current Directors went to a February meeting.



Erika Caldwell and Afifa Abbaszadeh both went to Board of Directors meetings in the spring as candidates so that they could get an idea of what they were like, something that would be impossible now without explicit approval.

IGNITE on Wednesday night informed The Avro Post before explicitly posting on their website that students are now blocked from Board of Directors gatherings and need special permission to attend.

The Board is made up of several elected students who are paid a wage by the student union, funded exclusively by student fees.

The Board makes financial decisions regarding IGNITE’s typically $11 million budget.

It is standard practice at student unions across Ontario and beyond for board of director meetings to be open to the student body and campus journalists.

Abbaszadeh and Caldwell were at the February Board meeting that took place following election events during their campaigns. Abbaszadeh lost her bid to represent the University of Guelph-Humber on the Board while Caldwell won.

The pair attended along with another student to learn more about the how the Board operates.

There are some indications that the elected Board members themselves were aware of this change in policy that took place over the summer.

However, because there was no scheduled meeting over the summer, it is not clear how the decision to close the meetings off were made or who actually made the call.

Communications Coordinator Peter Seney has not responded to a request for comment sent on Wednesday evening. ■

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