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Factbox: IGNITE press briefing on Friday

Details on the Oct. 4 meeting.



IGNITE offices at North Campus on Oct. 4, 2019. Eli Ridder/TAP

This factbox summarizes all the high-interest details that were shared at the IGNITE press briefing on Friday morning.

Recordings were not encouraged and the briefing was done in a more casual, conversational way, but details were recorded in notes by The Avro Post.

Board of Directors meetings will completely phase out student attendance, with only directors allowed to attend in general.
Largely unprecedented provincially.

In the coming months, IGNITE will highlight that students’ “voice and power” rest at the Board, the top of the organization.
Has external precedent.

Executives — presidents and vice presidents — will be in the future hired instead of elected as part of a strategy to highlight the Board.
Unprecedented at Humber.

All by-law changes will have to be approved by members of the student union in January, including all full-time students.
Normal, though date moved.

The briefing was held in response to inquires from student journalists regarding policy changes over who was allowed inside Board of Directors meetings — the elected decision-making body in charge of the finances of the student union, among other things.


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