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Playstation 5 to release in 2020

Sony’s new console is on its way for the 2020 holidays!



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Sony’s next major home console, the Playstation 5, will release late next year.

While Sony’s PS4 has dominated the gaming market for the past few years, they announced that now the Playstation 5 has a release window of late 2020, which is more than likely in time for the holidays.

The Playstation 5 will finally have 4K support for both games and movies, so now, in the same vein that people owned PS4s for the blu-ray movie compatibility, the PS5 can act as a 4K player for those who don’t yet have one.

Sony also, very recently, announced cross-platform play with Microsoft’s X-Box One and the Nintendo Switch on certain games like Fortnite. Microsoft and Nintendo had an agreed upon deal for cross-platform play for a while now, but Sony withheld for an unknown reason.

The Sony Playstation 5 is expected to release in quarter four of 2020 with a rough price of $499.99 USD.


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