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Brie Larson expresses interest in ‘A-Force’ movie

The studio may further empower their women.



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Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, has expressed interest in an all-female Marvel film, A-Force.

The A-Force could become a very real thing in the future now that Brie Larson has expressed a desire to do it with MCU architect Kevin Feige, and according to him, the final ingredient to the project happening is a matter of how much the fans want it (hint: they want it a lot)

A-Force is similar to the Avengers in that it’s a team of heroes, but the catch is that they’re all female. In the comics, characters like She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Wasp and Scarlet Witch were all part of the team. Other names you may or not be familiar with also include Medusa (Queen of the Inhumans), Rogue (of X-Men fame) and Nico Minoru (from the Runaways) have all been on the roster.

The MCU has already touched upon the concept of the A-Force already within its most recent box-office giant, Avengers: Endgame. When Captain Marvel provides assistance to the heroes in their last-ditch effort to dispose of the gauntlet, the women of the universe band together to help her clear a path. This of course saw the film versions of Gamora, Wasp, Wanda, Pepper Potts, Valkyrie, Mantis, Okoye and Shuri stand behind Captain Marvel in a uniquely empowering scene.

With Disney+ set to introduce She-Hulk, the A-Force could even follow suit and happen as a mini series similar Falcon and the Winter Soldier or WandaVision.

As of now, the idea is merely in the discussion stage at Marvel Studios, but don’t be surprised if it comes to fruition.


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