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Heat trouble in residence

Residence gets hot.



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There is a heatwave within the dorm rooms of the student residence on campus and the reasons behind it.

As the temperature change in Toronto due to the seasons, there is a change on campus that is making it a struggle for students in residence. 

Many students in residence have noticed that the rooms in the student residence have gone hotter rapidly without an email or a notice from any staff. 

The basic reason behind the rapid increase of the heat is that residence has decided to shut off the air conditioning and keep the air conditioning units running on heat only. 

Students that have stayed in residence last year experienced the water pipe breaking in a couple of rooms last year leading to floods in rooms. So in order to prevent that from happening again, the A/C is off earlier this year as low temperatures arise when the night falls. 

Specifically for students that live on the Southside of the building, keep your curtains closed as it will stop the sunlight from going inside of the room. 

Multiple of students on the seventh floor of R Building has expressed the dislike of this hot experience in our rooms as autumn comes outside. 

Matthew Byl, the residence assistant on the seventh floor, provided the floor with a list of tips on how to keep cool in this scenario.

On top of keeping the curtains closed, placing a small fan on the window ledge of an open window so that it can help with blowing the cool air in and the hot air outside.

It is not as effective during the nine hours of the day that the sun is shining the brightest and highest, but it should help keep the room cooler at night. 

One suggestion that Byl has mentioned was that students could open their room door to let the cooler air in the hallways of residence to go through the room too.

As noticed, not all students are comfortable with it, but it is an option. 

For safety reasons, if students are not in their rooms, please do not keep your doors open for the cooler air to go in as the only person with the permission of entering the rooms is the student themselves and whoever they allow. 

As these tips that Byl has kindly provided to students, there is a huge possibility that it will not clear all the problems that the heated dorms room has caused, but it should help at least a little bit to make the wait bearable for students living on campus.


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