Welcome to the home of the IGNITE and University of Guelph-Humber Senate Elections 2019.

VOTE FOR IGNITE starting on February 25 to March 1

The 2019 Elections will consist of the most critical campaigns for years as IGNITE will be fighting for your student fees come fall and the University of Guelph Senate will be tackling funding cuts to the world of academics.

Below you’ll find the latest declared candidates in order of confirmation as a candidate, and as nominations are announced, a profile and analysis on their campaign.

Elections coverage will continue until results are announced by the end of the semester for both IGNITE and the Senate.

Latest Stories

Read about the four main election events:

President Forum Ft. Monica Khosla, Margarita Bader

Guelph-Humber Forum: VP and Board

Humber North: VP and Board

Humber Lakeshore: VP and Board

More Stories:

IGNITE Candidates

IGNITE elects 13 students — one president, three vice presidents representing the campuses of the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College, and multiple directors to the board. Candidates for Senate will be announced at some point before voting period and candidates for IGNITE will be announced by next week, according to the usual times. IGNITE votes starting on February 25.


Margarita Bader – Learn More

Monica Khosla – Learn More


Carmen Duong

Megan Roopnarine

Saffiya Lulat – Learn More


Ameem Rahman

Dilshan Marasinghe – Learn More

Ekmjyot Sohal – Learn More

Jason Hyatt

Simran (no further details)


Ostap Pavliuk – Learn More

Ryan Stafford


Afifa Abbaszadeh

Drake Foo

Erika Caldwell – Learn More

Jim Hung

Julia Ciampa


Because there are only four Board of Directors candidates for North Campus, they will all automatically be elected.

Dishant Passi

Eden Tavares

Neto Naniwambote

Shawayne Dunstan


Asiya Awan

Camilia Ruiz Tacha

Stephanie Fallico


Navnit Sidhu

Senate Candidates

The University of Guelph-Humber has four seats on the University of Guelph central campus Senate. The Senate makes academic decisions in conjunction with staff. Senate voting starts on February 11.

Four Senate Seats

The Avro Post was told seven candidates are running in the Senate election, more than double the amount of candidates from last year. Here are the candidates:


Danya Elsayed – Exclusive Confirmation

Nora Elgharbawy – Learn More

Jessica Lecques – Exclusive Confirmation

Maheen Nazim – Previous Story

Other Candidates

Genevieve Samlal – Learn More

Hooria Katal – Ran in By-Election

Justin Mihaly – Learn More

For all the latest coverage, visit the Elections 2019 category.