Welcome to the Instagram Style Guide.

Images | From Twitter

  • Save image from Twitter post
  • Post image

Captions | Hashtag to start

  • Start caption with a capitalized hashtag; approved hashtags below
  • Give title of story
  • Add the @ handle of the author

Can be found on Google Drive, document 02: Staff List.

  • Add lead/first paragraph
  • Add the location of the story, if it’s a GH story then the location is University of Guelph-Humber, or the story takes place in Austin, Texas, then that is the location you put.
  • Place: | Blurb.
    Blurbs include:
    • Tap into the full story online.
    • Tap into the details online
    • Tap into the (delicious, fun, etc.) details online – Typically used with lifestyle articles
    • Read more at theavropost.ca
  • If adding more hashtags, press enter twice then add more

Approved tags to start

#Breaking: for breaking stories

#CanPoli: for Canadian politics stories

#OnPoli: for Ontario politics stories

#CamPoli: for Campus politics stories

#Campus: for Campus stories

#Politics: for world or other politics stories

#Toronto: for Toronto specific stories

#UnitedStates: for US specific stories

#Asia: for Asian specific stories

#MidEast: for Middle East specific stories

#Africa: for African specific stories

#Europe: for Europe specific stories