Myself and The Avro Post team are dedicated, volunteer journalists who aim only to report the objective truth. We are looking for a reputable Twitter account to team up with so that we can turn our team, which has been building up its skills fro several months now, into a full-fledged independent media outlet.

We are currently partnered with some of the team that used to comprise The Anon Journal, but we are not able to access the Twitter or share our stories with ease there, and are looking to have more consistency with our reporting, which pulls from many sources to create largely original reporting.

All we require is a merger of teams which would see the website become everyone’s, and also allow the press team be able to post on Twitter for breaking updates and consistent postings of articles. Our scope is U.S. and world news, which most of our team based in North America.

We are effective, consistent and dedicated and are looking for an opportunity to be competitive in independent journalism. If you are interested in joining us or partnering with your Twitter account, let us know.