Press Release | The Avro Post

The Avro Post has temporarily partnered with The Anon Journal, a renown breaking news service, to develop a fully operating news agency for world news and United States coverage along with our regular campus and Canada focus. 

The Anon Journal is well established as an independent news leader on Twitter with over 150, 000 followers that rely on it for day-to-day breaking news, political commentary and alternative reporting.

The Journal will be producing unbiased stories on the Post on a daily basis, with writers from both working together to provide accurate and timely news.

TAP Editor-in-Chief Eli Ridder has worked closely with TAJ counterpart Rob Pfieffer in the past on several stories including an exclusive on a rape cover-up at a Michigan high school in the fall of 2017.

Both The Anon Journal and The Avro Post is looking forward to working together until the Journal publishes their news website and producing unbiased, accurate content in a strong media partnership.

More details to follow. Image from Content Insights.