Hello and welcome to the Twitter Guide.

Twitter is not handled by the normal Social Team as it is journalist-specific and has a very strict style to maintain consistency.

Capital | Always

  • A tweet always starts with an all-caps word. There are only a certain number of approved words that can be used including the following:

No RTs | No retweets 

  • Do not retweet any other Twitter account

Breaking | Short and concise 

A BREAKING alert can be posted in two different ways:

  • BREAKING article using our official BREAKING image; and must have “BREAKING:” before the title. Read more on how to write a breaking article here.
  • BREAKING lead where just “BREAKING:” and a lead is placed in a tweet. Please note that a period is not needed.
    • Examples | BREAKING: Canada orders its military to advance in Syria
      • If a source is needed, add – source at the end of the tweet
        • Examples | BREAKING: Terror attack strikes Iraqi capital – Reuters

Regular | Automatic posting

When an article is published, it is automatically sent as a link to the Twitter of the Post, and nothing more has to be done.

However, if there is a mistake, a reply must be sent to the Twitter post stating “This tweet will be corrected and removed.”

Then the link of the article from the website (not WordPress, but the URL) must be posted in a new tweet with the title as the post with the link at the end.

Then the old mistake tweet and the correction reply must be removed.

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