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When you joined, The Avro Post was a student publication, but now it has become something so much more. The brand is remaining largely the same, but what we cover has changed: from campus news to world news.

We have merged into The Anon Journal to create one united news organization that will work effectively to bring about world and North America news coverage. This means that our work will be scrutinized and viewed by many, many more people.

From here on out, all campus coverage ceases but Life, World and National coverage can continue. If there is an interesting local story, you can run it by an editor (Rob, Eli, Kaela, Melissa) and we will take a look.

How we report

How we report will now change. Our Instagram will remain and utilize the exact same system under Emily Macfarlane but Twitter has changed.

When you post on WordPress, the story still goes to our Twitter. However, to post on Twitter, we will now use something called Group Tweet.

Group Tweet allows you to post without being logged into the Twitter account itself. It also attributes the tweet to you.

If you have given your Twitter username to Eli on Slack, it will have been added to the Group Tweet, which means you can simply log into Group Tweet with your personal Twitter and it takes you to a screen where you can tweet using The Avro Post.

Group Tweet unfortunately does not have an app yet, so the mobile version or desktop version of the service will have to be used.

You can also have a tweet be tweeted by The Avro Post if you send a tweet from your personal account saying @TheAvroPost BREAKING: North Korea holds summit in South Korea (example).

Important: Because Group Tweet will make it so any tweet you send out as TAP is attributed to you (example below), then you need to make sure you Twitter is cleaned up for representing the Post. If you need to make a new Twitter, that is okay, just let us know what the username is. Your bio should include [Position] at @TheAvroPost in it.

Visit Eli’s Twitter for an example.

Slack etc

Slack communications, Instagram posting and CP Style are remaining the exact same. Also, we will for sure be continuing through the summer.